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Sony's Vaio TX3 lineup launched


Sony just revealed the details on their TX3 lineup of ultraportable, wide-screen Vaios. The TX72 finally brings these hotties into Core Duo Solo land by dropping the 1.2GHz U1400 CPU into that fine chassis. The TX72 also features a OneSeg digital TV tuner with iEPG programming guide for scheduling Japanese TeeVee recordings to that 80GB disk. Other than that, she still sports that same great 11.1-inch widescreen LCD with LED backlighting, now up to 10 hours off battery with the Core Solo at the wheel (7 if configured with 1.06GHz Celeron M), dual-layer DVD burner, 802.11a/b/g WiFi, and Bluetooth in a sleek 1-inch wedge still weighing less than 3-pounds. Expect to see 'em around Japan later this month for ¥229,800 nicely spec'd or about $2000 of the green stuff. Click-on to see 'er dressed-up in blue.

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