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T-Mobile launches kidConnect service


T-Mobile's launched a new service aimed at parents looking to placate their kid's incessant begging for a cellphone, but still maintain some control over how much they use it. kidConnect will give kids unlimited weekend minutes and a set number of "whenever minutes" (50 under the $19.99/month plan, with parents able to buy more) after which the service is cut off so they don't run up the bill -- kids can also trade in their whenever minutes for text message credits, although those'll dry up pretty quick at 4 text messages per minute. Regardless of how many minutes they use, however, they'll always be able to call their parents phone, or call 911. And unlike the myriad of other kids' cellphones, kidConnect will work with any T-Mobile phone, which we're guessing most kids would prefer anyway.

[Via Slashphone]

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