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Blackberry 7130v coming to the UK and US in July?

Stan Horaczek

Even though Cingular has already brought us the Blackberry 7130c, we've still been itching to get our hands on the other versions, including the slick new 7130v, ever since we caught the FCC pictures of them a few weeks ago. Thankfully, it looks our wait might finally be coming to an end. The same forum that has been surprisingly accurate when it comes to blowing up RIM's spot in the past is reporting that the "enterprise friendly" devices will be hitting the UK on T-Mobile and Vodaphone in July, with the T-Mobile US version hitting around the same time. We think waiting another month for our fix of EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0 and the ever-addictive SureType is far too long. Our Treo, on the other hand, is keeping its fingers crossed for an indefinite delay.

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