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New Raid Over the River info, screens


Polish top-down shooter news now, with developer Nibris updating their website with information regarding Raid Over the River, a game we last heard about just over 6 months ago. In case your memory doesn't reach that far back, the official website can eloquently remind you of the genre the game finds itself in. "A representative of the 'flying shooter' plays this and he is seen from a vertical projection."

The vertically projected atmosphere is trumpeted as the winning difference between Raid Over the River and other shooters, though our attention was more drawn to the fact that in one of the game's three time periods, your futuristic aircraft is switched out for a rather disagreeable dragon. Bolstered by the presence of a winged beast, it shouldn't take Nibris too long to get hold of a publisher (or the English language). In the meantime, have a look at the first colorful batch of screenshots.

[Thanks Nushio and Cringer8]

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