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ATS announces E6501 DECT-enabled cordless VoIP phone

Evan Blass

A new VoIP handset from American Telecom Services promises to help you break free from your landline addiction and make an easy transition over to Internet telephony, while still allowing you to situate satellite phones all over the house to match your current setup. At first glance, the E6501 offers a number of compelling features, including SIP-compliance, built-in speakerphones, DECT support for avoiding the already crowded 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands, and most enticingly, a sub-$50 pricetag for the base unit and only $30 each for up to five additional handsets. The bad news here comes when you find out that set only works with ATS' chosen service providers, a group that's currently comprised of just IDT and a company called SunRocket, so Vonage and Skype fans will need to look elsewhere. For those of you still interested, unfortunately there's no word yet on which retailers will be carrying these models, nor when we can expect to see them in stores.

[Via VoIP & Gadgets Blog]

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