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eCinema's new LCD tech outperforms CRTs

Matt Burns

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The major downfall to LCDs is not the cost but rather the picture quality. They just don't give you the same quality of a CRT. Part of that comes from the different resolutions a CRT can do natively and the other is a byproduct of the backlight. You see, LCDs have a backlight that is always providing the whole screen with a bright light. Because of this LCDs just can't produce a good black - till now.

eCinema has hopefully worked past that and has an LCD technology with a 30,000:1 contrast ratio matched with 32-bit color. This system can produce 1000 to 4000 steps of gray rather then the current max of 256 shades. The CEO is even claiming that it can produce deeper blacks then CRTs and therefore can take over jobs that are usually reserved for just them - like studio monitors or post-production work. No word on price yet but don't expect it to be any cheaper then that 100-inch in-wall HDTV we showed you earlier.

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