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Plena's DMB-capable NT-700 nav system


As we've seen, GPS and DMB are two great tastes that go great together, and, depending on how they're used, can mean twice the danger. Yet that hasn't stopped companies like Plena from marketing these as in-car units, affixed prominently to the dashboard no less. Along with the useful and fairly safe GPS navigation, Plena's NT 700 can receive DMB channels, which are displayed in a picture-in-picture window on the display. Cool? Yes. Safe? Not so much. The unit also has an SD card slot so you can play your own media files on it, and a remote control if you're smart enough to hand over the controls to someone that isn't driving (or use it as the world's smallest home entertainment system). Not surprisingly, like most of the other DMB/GPS units out of Korea, this one doesn't look like it'll make it over here anytime soon.

[Via Ployer]

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