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SWG: Three glorious years of mediocrity

Joystiq Staff

When Star Wars Galaxies came out, I really wanted to like it. I really did. But, after about an hour or so I found myself asking one question: WTF?

Well, MMORPG.COM reminds us that, three years later, SOE's bastard child is still alive and kicking -- though at this point, half dead and twitching may be more of an appropriate analogy. According to the SWG main site, the devs plan on celebrating this momentous occasion by offering "events, parties, in-game gifts and even a sweepstakes!" Color me non-affected. My only question is if anyone still plays this game after that combat-overhaul brouhaha a few months back. Does anyone here actually still troll around in this virtual snooze-fest or am I the only one still sleeping?

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