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O2 announces updated Xda Atom for Asia

Chris Ziegler

As if Asia isn't already getting the lion's share of the world's smartphone action, O2 has used this week's CommunicAsia expo to announce the Xda Atom Exec, an Asia-exclusive update to the Atom (pictured). At about six months of age, the Atom isn't exactly an old fart, but the Exec ships with AKU2, boosts the XScale processor from 416 to 520MHz, and adds an extra 64MB of ROM for a grand total of 192MB. Otherwise, the Exec trades its predecessor's glossy exterior for a matte one, but the Atom's remaining specs carry over to the new model. If you're rocking an Atom and you're thinking that an upgrade might be in order, hold up: the roughly $844 USD O2 will be asking for the Exec might give you pause.

[Via the::unwired]

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