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Ask HDBeat: HDTV calibration round-up

Matt Burns

One of the most important  The most important thing that a person can do is properly calibrate their HDTV. It is absolutely imperative that it is done to get the best picture. One of our readers, Kyle Thibaut, is as concerned as we are and wants to make sure that everyones HDTV is properly done. There are more then a few ways to have this done, with options in every budget. The best way is to have a professional do it, but there are some good do-it-yourself options out there too.

AVS Forums does have a very good thread with tons of info for the do-it-yourselver. But in all honesty, a professional can do it best. Contact a local high-end audio/video store and they should be able to provide you with someone who can calibrate your HDTV. Just a warning though, it isn't cheap and don't be afraid to call around for the best price.

Do you have your HDTV calibrated? How did you do it.

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