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Portable N64 site lives again, mocks us

The site for this incredible portable N64 dubbed -- mysteriously -- the L64, has been presumably recuperating after a thorough digging and Engadgeting(?) last week. Worst part about it all: the L64's creator, Marshall, turned us onto his creation ten days before that! We missed the boat and we deal with the consequences; namely, not being able to show you this thing until now.

Now that his site is all better, we think you'll be plenty pleased with Marshall's labor of love. His site has plenty of pix of the assembly with some added commentary. Think he might have made himself a BenHeck-killer there. So sure, Marshall just happens to work as an industrial designer with a dozen years fabbing ... what's that? Marshall says, "In fact I'm not any bigwig of the game industry, I'm just a 16 year old with too much time..."

Yeah, and now we're totally dejected. Seriously Marshall, tell us you were kidding. You're a pro, right?

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