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mobiBLU intros US2 slim MP3 player


The caps-obsessed mobiBLU are the latest in the long line of companies taking dead aim at the nano with their latest audio player, the US2, which actually manages to shave a few millimeters off the size of Apple's diminutive scratch magnet. Also like the nano, the US2 (which stands for UltraSlim 2, if you must know) comes in 1, 2, and 4GB varieties (flash memory, of course) and packs a 1.5-inch OLED color screen along with some SRS WoW sound enhancement for good measure. In addition to audio playback, the device also promises support for video and photos, as well as recording capabilities, although the specific formats beyond MP3 are unclear. Pricing doesn't look to be readily available either, but it looks like the US2 will land sometime in mid-July -- although probably not as soon in North America.

[Via DAPReview]

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