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FCC says: Use it or Lose it!

Ben Drawbaugh

Have you been meaning to upgrade your OTA antenna to prevent dropped signals during your favorite HD program? You may want to wait till next week before spending your money. July 1st is the deadline set by the FCC for all DTV stations to go full power or forfeit the interference protection of their signal.

Some have a hard time watching OTA HD and although it may be because of your location it could be that your local station is trying to save some cash by not sending full power to two transmitters. Since the beginning of the ATSC transition and until the analog cutoff TV stations have to pay to power two transmitters instead of one. Even though it costs them double they don't get twice the viewers and certainly not twice the ad revenue. As a result many stations don't fully power their ATSC transmitter to save some cash, but that free ride ends on July 1st.

Unfortunately we know all too well how ineffective the FCC can be at enforcing its mandates so if you suspect your station is not at full power after July 1st, do some research and if necessary report them to the FCC. Don't worry about ratting on your friends, any station who is not at full power is no friend of ours.

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