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Long live component video!

Matt Burns

Red, Green and Blue! Red, Green and Blue! Red Green and Blue!

We have news for all fo you HDTV-heads out there. HDMI may be great and DVI may be cool, but the reigning king of HDTV is component video. Wait a sec, let us qualify that a bit. Component may not give you better results then HDMI/DVI but it is simply the most used transport medium for high-def. Every HDTV has a component video input and why is this? Well, there is just a massive amount of affordable "HDTV solutions" that rely on component video. Case in point. Walk into any major electronics store with more then 10 HDTVs and take a look behind of 'em. Component video! It is simply the most affordable way to distribute a high-def signal. There are a bunch of  'cheap' component video baluns that sends the Y/Pr/Pb signal across Cat-5 wire. Matrix boxes don't cost that much and there are a good amount of them available. Component video is simply a great way to transport high-def signals. It isn't dead now and we don't see it going away anytime soon.

Now that whole ICT thing is a different story.

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