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Readers pick best webcomics (June 18 - 24, 2006)

Ross Miller

This week, the results were so close (within 0.21 percent of one another) that we chose to elect two winners: Dueling Analogs and VG Cats. Dueling Analogs is the true winner, ahead by six votes, and deserves recognition for finding a way to make the phrase "bukakke!" adorable.

VG Cats received some major kudos from Maxis regarding their Spore-inspired strip, "Wright to Life." The developers of the game actually remade the VG Cats comic, but replaced (with near perfection) all the cartoon renditions with characters made in the game. It is a testament to Will Wright's genius that the game allows you to create life with an ass above his head.

Third place goes to Ctrl+Alt+Del's lashing of Uwe Boll. Thanks to everyone who voted, and be sure to let us know (preferably in the comments below) of any game-related webcomics you stumble upon this week!

Read - Dueling Analogs
Read - VG Cats (pre-Maxis)
Read - VG Cats (post-Maxis)

Here's the breakdown:

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