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Blu-ray off to a slow start

Ben Drawbaugh

The battle has officially begun and we are not very surprised to hear that Blu-ray is off to a slow start, we are however disappointed. Sony had been bragging about the amount of resources it was dedicating to the marketing blitz. We don't know about anyone else but we have yet to see a single Blu-ray commercial, a few weeks ago we heard mention of it during a commercial for a movie. Toshiba didn't do much for HD DVD either, but we at least saw a few commercials on

The local stores do seem to be doing a better job of displaying both formats. Our local Best Buy had two on the shelf, plus one on demo. Podcast listener Gabe grabbed these pictures at his local Best Buy where they moved the HD DVD display to accommodate.

What advertising have you see and do your local stores have them in stock and on display?

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