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Xbox 360 hacked for homebrew and bigger hard drive?


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An anonymous yet trusted source in the Xbox hacker community just released a few sceenshots to show his rather impressive progress -- if it turns out to be legit. One shot displays an expansive 451GB of free space on the default hard drive -- implying he's managed to finagle a new 500GB drive into the 360 -- while the other two purport to be views of Xbox 1 homebrew running on the 360. Both capabilities would be pretty major developments, but they'd also make for a couple of rather easy Photoshop jobs, so we'll just have to wait to see what comes of all this. Even if they've managed to emulate Xbox 1 hardware, the development community will have just as much of an uphill battle as the backwards compatibility team at Microsoft does to get things like XBMC running full-on (total redevelopment notwithstanding). And that's a big if.

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