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Deets on Samsung i770 Pocket PC phone come together

Chris Ziegler

So much for the six months of confidentiality asked of the FCC on this one. Phone Scoop is reporting some new info on Samsung's upcoming i770 Pocket PC flip phone, noting that the device sports an M600-esque rocker keypad for alpha input, MicroSD slot, dual color displays, 2 megapixel camera, and external keys for music control when the flip is closed. The remainder of the information was previous spilled by our boys at the FCC -- Bluetooth, tri-band GSM and EDGE are in the box, but UMTS appears to be left out. We previously speculated that this might be a swivel phone, but on closer inspection, it looks like a straight-up flip to us. Without GSM 850, this isn't the most US-friendly piece on the market, but with Pocket PC flips being as rare as they are, we know a few of you are ready to roll anyhow.

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