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Goldeneye tested on 12 year-old, fails 'timeless' test

Save recently dropped a N64, four controllers, and a copy of the much-beloved Goldeneye in front of a 12 year-old. Mind you, said 12 year-old, while a "confirmed geek," has never played a game that predates 2001. His entire gaming collection is firmly rooted in a high end PC, Xbox 360, and PS2.

So what was this young upstart's reaction to what many of us consider a 'timeless classic?' Well, the little bastard panned it:

"The single-player was one of the worst I have ever played ... I can see why it was so popular when it first came out, but nowadays very few aspects of the game stand out, and many more pull it back ... it wasn't long before we pulled out Halo 2."
(Kids these days...)

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