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SmarTone-Vodafone launches thin Toshiba TS30

Chris Ziegler

9.9mm might not be close to breaking any records these days, but Toshiba's TS30 candybar is thin enough to confortably slip into pretty much any nook or cranny you had in mind. With a QVGA display (quickly becoming par for the course in Europe and Asia), music player, MicroSD slot, and FM radio, SmarTone-Vodafone customers in Hong Kong shouldn't find much missing when the phone hits for HK$1680 (about $215) unsubsidized. Rumor has it the tri-band GSM TS30 will eventually find its way to Taiwan and Europe, though possibly under a different moniker -- but per protocol, no US launch plans are in the works.

[Via MobileBurn]

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