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Transformers game releasing same day as movie

Joystiq Staff

While most of us usually loath the piss-poor effort by developers to make decent games based on our beloved sci-fi/comic book movies, is there any reason to get excited about an upcoming Transformers game? Just in case you were, it was announced last week at the Hollywood and Games Summit that the newest incarnation of Transformers will be released to gamers the same day as its theatrical cousin hits big screens everywhere on July 4, 2007. Gamespot buries the news deep within in a worthless posting about some Hollywood and games nonsense:

Activision is actively sharing all assets of the upcoming Transformers film with Digital Domain, the production company Transformers director Michael Bay recently bought. Kassoy said Activision is shooting for a "day and date" release alongside the film on July 4, 2007.

Other than the fact that it's listed under the PS3 section of Gamespot, there have yet to be screens or any solid information about the game, but based on the past, this one will more likely than not be a stinker. But, since the Transformers are so cool, there could be hope.

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