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Sony pulled rumble from PSOne controllers?

Ross Miller

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After the CliffyB coincidence, we thought to give you another look at a retro article with modern application. From the very first issue of PSM Magazine from September 1997 (found as a PDF on Retro Gaming -- click on the image to the right), a Kotaku reader pointed out an article on page 16 talks about the then-imminent US release of the PlayStation One dual analog controller. The US version had one slight difference than its Japanese brethren: no rumble.

The article cited "another company" (Immersion?) who owned the patent to the vibration technology -- my, how times have changed. However, the other theory (not from Sony) is that the new-fangled vibration technology, "however slight, eventually causes the controller to break" after extended use. Obviously, with such a powerful seismic force, there's no way Sony could figure out how to combine rumble and motion sensing. Oh, wait a second ...

The article, for those who'd rather bypass the PDF file:

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