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WoW Coming to the Philippines Soon

Mike D'Anna

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In the next step in their plan for world domination, reports today that the Philippines is the latest market being targeted by Vivendi/Universal for expansion of the WoW franchise.

Gerry Castro, vice president of Asian Media Development Group, the company that handles Vivendi/U's lisences in the Philippines, says "Yes, the game will be in the Philippines soon; that we've been planning to bring this game to the country; that we have looked to several IDCs that will host the game"

AMDG is currently seeking partners to assist in hosting, supporting, and maintaining the game within the country, and claims that a "massive plan" is underway to bring WoW to the Philippines with a vengeance. No word on whether players from any other parts of the world will be able to access the Philippino servers, but seeing as it will be a self-contained entity of sorts, it seems unlikely> In any case, chalk up one more X on the big world map for Blizzard...

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