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CNET loathes Wii name change

Joystiq Staff

While most of us have moved on and accepted the name Wii, CNET still holds a grudge at the sudden shift from Revolution. In their roundup of the worst of the worst for the past three months of 2006, CNET slaps Nintendo with the dubious title "Worst name change." They keep their disgust short and sweet:

"Nintendo Revolution" sounds cool. "Nintendo Wii" sounds dumb. That's about all there is to say.

Other gaming-related worsts include And 1 Streetball for "Worst electronic referees" and X-Men: The Official Game for "Worst game based on a movie." It seems X-Men had to beat out some real stinkers, but it had what it took to get the job done. As CNET says, "Plugging your game controller into a ham sandwich while pushing buttons and making your own sound effects is more engaging."

What has been your worst gaming experience of the past few months?

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