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Flickr Uploader for Nokia N72 (and N70, N90)

Darren Murph

With everything from 30 second sound clips to SMS messages stacking cost onto your bill, Nokia has gone against the grain by releasing software for their N72 (which supposedly also works for the N70 and N90) that allows users to immediately upload photos they take to Flickr. Sparse options include the ability to send downsized copies and choose images from the Gallery or Camera itself. The idea of uploading images from phone-to-web isn't exactly new, but official Flickr support has been all but impossible to come by, ZoneTag notwithstanding. Of course third party apps such as ShoZu have been accomplishing this for awhile and have more features, but regardless of which app serves the purpose more effectively, its a good sign when major phone manufacturers are taking strides in developing apps to increase the functionality of their phones without charging the users ridiculous pay-per-use fees. So if for no other reason than that, Nokia's Flickr Uploader, although seemingly a bit stifled by limitations, is certainly a step in the right direction.

[Via All About Symbian]

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