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HDBeat Podcast 021 - 07.11.06

Ben Drawbaugh
This week we are joined with the winner of your first guest host spot...drum roll please...Chris Mitzlaff. We talked with him a bit about his personal HD experience that included his setup and how he is the type of person that retail salesman like Matt hate. We covered Cable Card and how it crashed and burned. Then got into a nice "debate" about film grain and ended when Matt demanded that we move on. Blu-ray and HD DVD made their weekly appearance and we concluded by talking about Walmart and pharmacies. Overall Chris added a bunch to our show and we would like to thank him for joining us. If you didn't get selected, don't fret. We are going to do this again sometime real soon.

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Ben Drawbaugh and Matt Burns.

Guest Host
Chris Mitzlaff

Ben Drawbaugh

1:04:07, 25 MB, MP3

Happy Birthday HD Beat!
CableCard vs. Cable Box
DIRECTV HD TiVo finally gets 6.3 update
Thomson's new Film Grain Technology for HD DVD endorsed by SMPTE [Update 2]
Xbox 360 getting an HDMI port soon?
Blu-ray and HD DVD copy protection defeated by...print screen?
Ricoh laser head reads/writes HD DVD and Blu-ray discs
More details on Blu-ray delays - optical drive component shortage
Best Buy imposing a 15% restocking fee for Blu-ray players?
Vista no longer needs a NTSC tuner


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