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Motorola C139 offers low admission onto Cingular

Darren Murph

Our friends over at Engaget Chinese showed us the Motorola C139 not too long ago, and now the palm-sized GoPhone is available on US shores from Cingular. Although embroiled in a few legal matters, Cingular isn't missing the opportunity to boast about their affordable new offering. This dual-band GSM handset includes a minuscule 96 x 64 TFT screen, SMS-capability, games, monophonic ringtones, iTAP, and some simple tools such as a calculator and currency converter. How do you sell a phone in 2006 that lacks a built-in camera and can only store 100 contacts? Why, by offering a rock bottom price, of course. The C139 can be had for $39.99, and that includes a $10 pre-paid card (better talk quick!). While limited to being a pay-as-you-go device, the boon here is the tiny pricetag. The handset is available now through all major Cingular outlets to handle the basics.

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