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Apple releases Boot Camp 1.0.2 beta - sans details

David Chartier

Apple has updated Boot Camp to version 1.0.2 beta (remember: it's been a beta all along), but seems to have forgotten to release any details of what this update is all about. I couldn't track anything down at Apple's Downloads or Support sites, and even the VersionTracker entry notes that the MacFixIt ninjas came up empty as well. They managed to install the new version on a MacBook Pro without a hitch and settle for assuming that new Windows XP drivers are included with this version. They recommend installing the new version and burning a new drivers CD, then booting into Windows and re-installing the drivers.

I'd try this out myself, but I decided the other day that I don't need any of the advantages that Boot Camp offers over Parallels (such as USB and true video card support), so I'm blowing away my Boot Camp Windows partition and reclaiming that space for a compress-able Parallels installation. Now I just need to find my Windows CDs in a townhouse we still haven't finished unpacking and moving into.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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