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HTC builds Hermes-like "Z" for NTT DoCoMo

Chris Ziegler

When you're trying to console yourself after perusing NTT DoCoMo's extraordinary lineup of hotness, it looks like the "at least we're getting the Hermes" argument no longer holds much water. HTC and NTT DoCoMo have teamed up to put together the "HTC Z," a Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC with rather obvious Hermes roots. The FOMA-compliant handset shares all of the Hermes' critical stats -- right down to the secondary cam for video calling -- and sports a Japanese cut of Windows Mobile to make things easy on the home crowd. Okay, so maybe you're thinking "at least we get our Hermes first." Not even: the Z allegedly drops in late July, so unless you're one of the lucky few, it looks like NTT's got you beat every which way. Typical.

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