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Palm's Ultralight Wireless Headset

Darren Murph

Looks like the folks over at Palm aren't trying to fool anyone with their new Treo accessory; the Ultralight Wireless Headset is a faintly disguised Plantronics 645. The inclusion of DSP solidified the notion that this was indeed the Plantronics 645 underneath and not the 640; but clarity isn't the only thing going for it, other noteworthy aspects of the Ultralight are its sleek metal carrying case, the ability to charge it using your Treo's AC adapter, and even, um, a Palm-branded call/end button. Palm users can chat in comfort while sporting the new headset; it weighs just 9 grams, merely half of Palm's Compact Wireless Headset. Treo owners looking for a matching headset , look no further -- but at $129.99 direct from Palm, it'll cost ya.

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