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Mobile Compia PDA designed with day trading in mind

Darren Murph

Think your PDA is all that and then some? Korean-based Mobile Compia has unveiled their MC-7000, designed to not only handle the basic tasks any PDA should tackle, but also give stock traders the scoop without needing a PC or laptop, of all things, essentially bringing the chaos of Wall Street into the confines of your back pocket. Internally, it's underpowered by a 312MHz XScale PXA270 and comes with Windows CE 5.0; a 3.5-inch LCD, CDMA connectivity, 64MB SDRAM, 128MB ROM, and a miniSD slot for expansion purposes. We do know that these will be provided (read: given) to WOORI Investment and Securities account holders, but beyond that, availability and pricing is not yet known. For you green investors who want to see this on US shelves, the outlook is woefully bearish.

[Via MobileMag]

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