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A couple of mini-USB ATSC tuners - Artec T14A & FujuPlus FD-USB728

Matt Burns

These little tiny ATSC slipped right under our radar. These are the first USB thumb-drive size ATSC tuners we have ever seen; we have peeped tons of DVB-T ones with jealous eyes till now. The first one is by Artec (T14A) and has just an ATSC tuner and antenna port on the unit. They even include an adapter so you can plug a real antenna into it rather then that thin piece of aluminum they call an antenna. The second one is by FujuPlus (FD-USB728); they add a NTSC and QAM tuner to the mix. The first one is going for $89 bucks and the second for $99. Nice. We did dig up a AVS Forum thread that deals with the Artec if you want more info.

We have been waiting for these little tuners for a if they could only work with OS X.

Artec T14A
FujuPlus (FD-USB728)

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