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HDMI reduces their licensing fees to increase amount of devices

Matt Burns

Did you know that in order for a manufacturer to use HDMI, they have to pay a licensing fee of $15,000 to HDMI Licensing LLC. This fee was just lowered by 1/3 to $10,000 with the hopes that more manufacturers will use the 'single cable wonder.' This is aimed directly at the Chinese electronics manufactures that accounted for 82,000,000 TVs and 140,000,000 DVD players last year. China Video Industry Association (CVIA) is going to work with Silicon Image, makers of HDMI chips, to promote the interface to the Chinese giants. Currently, many DVD players, TVs, and even laptops from mainstream companies utilize the cable but with the lower cost, and the advent of the mini-HDMI plug thanks to the 1.3 revision, we will see more devices using it.

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