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Final Fantasy III Wi-Fi details [Update 1]

Jason Wishnov

Those who have played Final Fantasy IX will vaguely remember a system called "MogNet", in which the player took up the role of carrier between moogles worldwide. There was also something about a purple moogle who used too much hair gel, or something. Whatever.

Anyway, the "MogNet" system will be making a comeback in the updated DS version of Final Fantasy III. In addition to performing said tasks to unlock various side-quests in the single-player game, players will have the ability to send messages via Nintendo Wi-Fi to other players of the game. Don't instant messages seem a little easier, though? If Square-Enix doesn't implement some sort of in-game incentive, it may be a fairly unused feature.

More details are still forthcoming, says Square-Enix, so keep holding your breath for a party vs. party battle system over Wi-Fi. Oh, how we long.

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[Update 1: Minor grammar issues corrected.]

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