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2.35:1 and filling the 16:9 screen

Matt Burns

This has to be one of the most two sided issue in the high-def world; well, besides the whole HD DVD Blu-ray thing. HBO is notorious for this. They will take a wide 2.35:1 movie and crop the heck out of it to fit the 16:9 screen. What happens is you lose some of what was meant to be displayed. But some people don't care. Some people hate detest any black bars at all. They will zoom and zoom till the picture is grotesquely distorted but they feel satisfied that they beat the black bar monster. Why we ask...why would you do that? Anyways, back to the whole 2.35:1 thing. HomeTheaterBlog has taken an in depth look at what happens to a 2.35:1 movie when it is converted to 16:9. (including pictures) Sure enough, you loss some of the picture on the sides. Shocking!

Take a look at this and maybe next time you will leave those bars in place on your own DVDs.

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