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Informatica pen features built-in WiFi finder

Darren Murph

WiFi detectors are a dime a dozen, but this two-faced device adds a second dimension not found on typical sniffers. Informatica's "WiFi Pen," as the name clearly implies, is an ink pen at heart, but also has the ability to alert you of any local wireless networks in range. The lack of a true antenna limits the sniffer's radius to 50 feet, but you get a green, yellow, or red LED indicator to help you quickly determine the signal strength. Priced at $18.95, these won't last long, and according to Informatica's store, these are "available in limited quantities for a limited time only" (which is, of course, the oldest trick in the book to get someone to buy something). Surely it can't be any less effective than the slew of other WiFi locators, but at worst you get a somewhat expensive pen -- infinitely better than an odd looking paperweight -- to draw up a better design.

[Via BoingBoing]

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