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Verballs talking handsfree Skype phone


We guess it was inevitable -- long the bane of landlines, the novelty phone has finally found its way to VoIP, with the Verballs line of animated Skype phones set to invade desktops and annoy co-workers this fall. Available in five different characters, the Verballs flash and wave their hands when a call comes in and, most disturbingly, sync their lips to the callers voice -- which could well cause you to never look at your friends the same way again. In addition to acting as a handsfree speakerphone, the Verballs also include headphone and mic ports for more discreet conversation, and can be used in conjunction with MP3s and text to speech software, if you're so inclined. Plan on dropping £30 (about $55 US) when these critters launch in September.

[Via Red Ferret]

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