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Samsung unveils commercial LCDs with built-in XP

Evan Blass

If you though that Apple's 20-inch iMac was an impressive all-in-one computer, just wait till you hear about Samsung's new 40-inch 400PXn and 46-inch 460PXn LCD displays, both of which feature embedded versions of Windows XP. Designed for use in commercial applications such as signage, the two monitors sport an updated version of Samsung's MagicNet technology, which allows them to run slideshows or video without the need for an external server; if a server is being used to stream data, it can control up to four of the displays at once, feeding them either separate images or one tiled picture (arrays of 4 x 4 units are possible). Specs-wise, both products are pretty run-of-the-mill: you get a 1,366 x 768 resolution, 8-millisecond response time, 800:1 contrast ratio, and 500cd/m² maximum brightness. Although they're available immediately, Sammy hasn't released any pricing info for these models, but TG Daily points out that the previous, non-XP versions cost $8,950 (460Pn, pictured) and $6,750 (400Pn), respectively -- so we can be sure the upgraded editions won't come cheap.

[Via TG Daily]

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