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NVIDIA is happy about AMD + ATI merger

David Chartier

FiringSquad, a site covering all things gaming, interviewed Derek Perez, the Director of Public Relations for NVIDIA (ATI's largest competitor), about yesterday's news of the AMD and ATI merger. Mr. Perez looks at the merger as a boost to their own business, excited that NVIDIA will be the only GPU company that supports both AMD and Intel. If this is true, however, this merger could wind up being a bad thing for Mac users as Apple's machines are 100% Intel Inside (yes, I know that slogan is dead now). FiringSquad didn't get much out of Intel, their only comment was basically "we'll get back to you after we're finished reading all this legal mumbo jumbo".

It's still way too early to tell, but I hope this merger doesn't mean that Apple's customers will lose one custom build option in the online store.

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