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    TabletKiosk eo V7110 UMPC reviewed


    If those unboxing pics weren't enough for ya, we've now got a review of TabletKiosk's eo V7110 UMPC with plenty more pics for your perusal, courtesy of For the most part, they liked what they found, especially the unit's great screen, light weight, and well-designed button layout. But they also found that the main criticism of most UMPCs also applies here, namely, the lackluster battery life. In always-on mode, the V7110 conked out after just an hour and thirty-nine minutes -- improving slightly to just over two hours in normal use -- making the optional extended battery pack pretty much essential. Or you could, you know, wait 'till the UMPC manufacturers get their acts together -- Vistagami, anyone?

    [Via UMPC Buzz]

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