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JVC Victor busts out line of colorful boring DAPs


What's a budget-class device manufacturer to do when they can't be bothered with making their line of MP3 players interesting through the tired methods of design and feature inclusion? JVC Victor has answered that age-old question by dressing up their new XA-F112 (top) and XA-F52 (bottom) in all sorts of snazzy colors and calling it a day. The prices aren't anything notable, with the 1GB F112 going for around 17,000 Yen ($147) and the 512MB F52 managing 13,000 Yen ($113). The players support MP3, WMA and PlaysForSure, along with voice and line-in recording, and feature a mere organic EL display, yet manage to be almost an inch thick. But if no-holds-barred design isn't your thing or the risky color schemes are catching your eye, you should be able to pick one of these up this September in Japan.

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