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Gangs of London code leaked, Sony not amused


An internal beta of Gangs of London, a forthcoming spectacle of urban violence on the PSP, has been leaked onto BitTorrent sites across the net. After vowing to never again take firewall advice from Gabe Newell, Sony Computer Entertainment UK urged gamers to avoid downloading the game -- not because it's illegal or morally reprehensible, but because the game is so full of bugs. "It is not the complete game and it has anomalies in the code since it hasn't been through our QA process yet."

Content with having spared code kleptomaniacs the inconvenience of encountering technical anomalies, Sony's David Wilson goes on to condemn piracy, noting that "there are proven links that exist between counterfeiting and organised crime and that has some serious consequences (and victims) that people should give due consideration."

Be sure to give this issue your due consideration before purchasing the game later this year and running about London, stealing and killing things.

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