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Microsoft rolls out Windows Vista soft drink

Darren Murph

Windows Vista, the operating system, is still not due out until whenever Microsoft is ready maybe January 2007, but the refrigerators in Redmond are already stocked for the party. Presumably in an attempt to get those lackadaisical coders back on track, Gates and Co. has ordered a supply of Windows Vista beverages to compliment the plethora of other free refreshments available at the office. Decked out with the updated Windows logo and a URL to the company's internal Vista site (we've already tried to access it to no avail), the special-edition can of Talking Rain "sparkling water" is apparently just the thing to get those gears churning at Microsoft HQ. Although we don't expect these to be made available anywhere that undercover gold master copies of Vista aren't shuffling around, this just might be an obscure sign that we'll see the OS on store shelves this decade, and hey, we'll drink to that.

[Thanks, David]

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