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Anonymous Apple employee supposedly speaks about WWDC

Ryan Block, @ryan

When we go through our usual motions and say "take things with a grain of salt," we mean it -- but seriously people, take this one with a few. A site called DVD Newsroom is claiming to have published a short interview with an anonymous Apple employee who gave them the blow by blow of what we can expect from WWDC 2006 next Monday. In a nutshell: no iPhone (yet), Blu-ray probably coming in January (at Macworld 2007), Mac Pros will ship October or November, new monitors with "built-in iChat" (huh?), no plans for an Apple TV, nor a 12 or 14-inch MacBook, iTunes movie downloads will feature burning to DVD, no Mac tablet on the horizon, and, of course the bit everyone wants to know, "expect a true video iPod with Airport support" in the future. So there you have it, yet another unsubstantiated rumor keeping the Apple-blubber-lit fires burning bright going into the weekend. We hope not to have to pain you with more over the next couple of days, but we're making no guarantees.

[Thanks, Eliz and Marty]

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