WWDC 2006 banner revealed from within Moscone

Ryan Block
R. Block|08.03.06

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Damn well, here we go again with the tea leaves. Someone snagged a picture of a massive banner over at the Moscone Center in San Francisco where WWDC is taking place next Monday. While it doesn't give us too much to work with, we can clearly see the usual set of Mac icons, what could maybe possibly be the aluminum nano (it's just not quite as white as the iMac beside it to these eyes) and two very out of place images: a "64-bit" logo, and what appears to be a PowerMac. Of course, the easy thing would be to conflate the two and say that a 64-bit Intel Mac Pro is set to be debuted, but we're hesitant -- though we know they wouldn't give the most prominent spot on that massive banner up to an old fuddy duddy G5 box. So maybe there will be a Mac Pro, but maybe it won't be as visually overhauled as everyone is hoping (then again maybe not), and maybe that 64-bit business is regarding their Xserve line. What's up with that shielded area over on the right though, the bit that's covering the MacBook Pro? How they love taunting us all. (Click on for bigger versions.)

[Thanks, Ravi]

Update: another banner image added from another angle! Doesn't help much though, very little yet-unseen detail. Thanks Benjamin!

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