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Microsoft, Nintendo taken to court over controllers

Joystiq Staff

Anascape Ltd has filed suit in a Texas district court against Microsoft and Nintendo for alleged infringements on a variety of controller patents. Check out the full list of patents that this case is going after:

  • 5,999,084: "Variable Conductance Sensor"
  • 6,102,802: "Game Controller with Analog Pressure Sensor"
  • 6,135,886: "Variable Conductance Sensor with Elastomeric Dome Cap"
  • 6,208,271: "Remote Controller with Analog Button"
  • 6,222,525: "Image Controller with Sheet Connected Sensors"
  • 6,343,991: "Game Control with Analog Pressure Sensor"
  • 6,344,791: "Variable Sensor with Tactile Feedback"
  • 6,347,997: "Analog Controls Housed with Electronic Displays"
  • 6,351,205: "Variable Conductance Sensor"
  • 6,400,303: "Remote Controller with Analog Pressure Sensor"
  • 6,563,415: "Analog Sensor with Snap Through Tactile Feedback"
  • 6,906,700: "3D Controller with Vibration"
Phew, that's quite a lot. You can also view a PDF of the complaint here.

[Thanks, Jeremy]

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