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Charles Wiltgen responds to Cory Doctorow's 'DRM is bad for business'

David Chartier

Cory Doctorow, well known for his work at BoingBoing and other projects, wrote an article titled Apple's Copy Protection Isn't Just Bad For Consumers, It's Bad For Business. If you've been following anything this guy's written, this isn't the first time he's spoken out about DRM in general, as well as Apple's market-leading role in its use. If you haven't been following his work - that linked article is a great introductory read into Cory's very vocal disapproval of the current state of legitimate media distribution systems (almost all of them use DRM).

John Gruber recently linked a response to Cory's article from Charles Wiltgen titled OMG DRM is r33ly bad!, and quite the response it is. Whether you're a stark advocate of either side of the DRM debate or you're just getting your feet wet with all this 'Digital Rights Management' stuff, I think both of these articles are interesting reads in their own right. Cory can be somewhat of a dramatic voice for the anti-DRM movement, and Charles' response is an interesting reality check for a situation that might not be as bad as some think.

DRM always heats up the comment threads here at TUAW though, so for now I'll leave you to read Cory's article and Charles' response and form your own conclusions.

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