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    Weekend review: this week's software for 8-06-06

    David Chartier

    I hope you've cleaned out your downloads directory, because we have another roundup of software for the week of 7-30-06 to 8-5-06:


    • Pukka 1.3 - bookmarking utility gets private 'mark and AppleScript support
    • Packrat 0.87 - killer offline Backpack client (probably the only) receives page link editing and creation
    • TubeSock - Rip, mix, save and convert YouTube videos for your iPod
    • WiLMa - automatically change default network, printer, SMTP servers, desktop wallpaper, system volume and more based on Mac OS X Locations
    • Audio Hijack Pro 2.7 - big podcast recording update to an already killer audio app
    • Apple Security Update 2006-004 - many bugs and security holes were put to rest
    • kip - iPhoto for your documents (digital or otherwise)
    • Afloat - killer Mac OS X plugin/utility that brings transparency and 'always on top' options to all Cocoa apps
    • Quake 4 demo - Aspyr finally gets a clue, releases demo of $50, hardware-hungry game
    • Picasa Web Album Uploaders - Google releases standalone uploader and iPhoto plugin for their Picasa web photo sharing service
    • Doodim - darken background apps (a la Exposé) for better concentration
    Open Source
    • DashMail (formerly QuickMail) - quick email widget, works with addresses from Gmail, AOL, AIM, Yahoo! , .Mac and custom servers. Remembers addresses and subjects, with Address Book support in the works
    • iPick - magic card trick widget
    • Reuters Yahoo! Widget - 10-line Reuters news widget for Yahoo! Widgets (formerly Konfabulator)
    • Telescope - Basecamp widget

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