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Amp'd gets licensing deal, $7.5 million infusion from up north

Chris Ziegler

Even as Amp'd has seemingly failed to live up to expectations in the US of A, the young MVNO is looking to expand its business outside its home borders -- though not quite as an MVNO. A deal with Telus gives the carrier exclusive rights to the Amp'd name in Canada, though instead of running its own virtual network, Amp'd will be turning the reigns over to Telus, which in turn will be offering Amp'd-branded goods and services directly. Meanwhile, subsidiary Telus Ventures has dropped a cool $7.5 million into Amp'd (purely a coincidence, we're sure), we're guessing as a little "thank you" for the deal. Look for Telus to light up Amp'd Canada early next year, though unfortunately for Canadian pre-paid fans, it sounds like only Amp'd's post-paid service will be making the jump.

[Via MocoNews]

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