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Holy moly... lawsuit overload for consoles

Nick Doerr

Anascape Ltd. wants to make some money, fast. They can't quite decide on a new marketing scheme, or an innovative product. Someone jokingly suggests they sue the big console companies for a dozen patent infringements. The boss likes the idea and they do. Yes, that's right. Nintendo and Microsoft are under fire from this company for breaching patents on game controllers. Joystiq does a nice job of recounting the numerous charges, so to save redundancy, they will be omitted here. But, twelve? That's a lot.

You may have noticed Sony isn't involved in this one. But, looking at the charges, especially, well, all of them, Sony's controller should be in the middle of this one also. But it isn't! Hooray? Even so, if Anascape wins this case, Microsoft and Nintendo will have to bleed money. Will it help PS3 gain ground in the next console war? Doubtfully, but at least for once there's a patent lawsuit where Sony isn't getting manhandled. Still... how many of these lawsuits are popping up? If there's a season for tornadoes, there's a season for "get rich quick by suing bigger companies" season. One of these is a lot longer than the other.

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